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When I blog, I’m Jeffrey Coffin.  The pseudonym in not a reference to my tocayo, who is a famous saxophonist or the other 25 “Jeff and/or Jeffrey Coffins” that show up on LinkedIn.  Rather, the pseudonym origin’s lie in my life, combining my father’s name and that of a distant ancestor.  Beyond an obvious need to conceal my true identify – my corporate job frowns upon Google searches that reveal anything controversial such as political viewpoints or candid snap shots of people doing stupid things  – I hope the blog will balance the spirits of both namesakes.

My father took too much acid (he claimed to have taken LCD every day for a month at one point during college), smoked weed all the time, drank excessively and never quite figured out what he wanted to do with his life.  At the same time, he was truly brilliant, a trait on display when he argued about anything.  Well informed or not, he could take any position – he favored absurdly liberal or counter-intuitive arguments – and lead his opponent to concede, “you may be right” or “I can’t argue anymore.”  Of course, arguing while inebriated may also result in the arguer forgetting the position he passionately held a mere 24 hours prior.  In life as in argument, my father remained persuaded that each of his actions or opinions were true and righteous at that moment, even if his pronouncements of the today completed contradicted those of yesterday.

Thus, my father inspires me to test out unusual arguments, ferociously cling to them for the duration of a blog post, and then completely change my mind in subsequent posts.  I have no fear of the present me contradicting past me or future me contradicting present me, or vice versa?

The distant ancestor refers to one of New England’s first and more prominent settlers.  As a descendant of this individual and other numerous prep school/ivy league educated individuals, my origins lie somewhere in the realm of the almost-but-not-quite ‘Boston Brahmin’ class.  To be honest, I don’t know much about the man and regurgitating his Wikipedia entry isn’t my forte.  The allusion more serves to remind me and you that a real, subjective mensch composes this blog.  In you mistook this for the Bible, Koran or other objective documents relaying the true word of God, please stop here.  This blog is rooted in time, place, personality, etc…  I am real. I just cannot tell you my name, where I live or where I work.  After all, my book deal has yet to come in and I need a pay check.

In posts, I’ll discuss topics that interest me – politics, business, education – as well as other items I’m unqualified to comment on.  As my readership base grows into the thousands and then millions, I’ll  my focus will shift towards celebrity gossip, whether Lebron may return to Cleveland in three years, and other topics that receive far too little thought and coverage.

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